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An Ode to Shashi

Dear Shashi,

Roughly, we saw you on screen a decade back and your choices resonate with us today. As little girls, a lot of times we’re told how we’ve to keep the family

together, and it took 8,000 miles of a journey for you to understand to treat yourself better and maybe love a little more? Or perhaps, it was your speech at Meera and Kevin’s wedding when you reinstituted their belief in the concept of marriage and having a family. You’re a brave woman, who would have said that “your family can never be judgmental” but you, because all this while Sapna thought you’re an

embarrassment at PTM’s and Satish always found his convenience to put you down or lift you up.

“Family can never put you down” while yours always did, knowingly or unknowingly and your eyes said that every time. We think Satish was just

jealous because you were an unstoppable entrepreneur and he wasn’t.

“Family will never make you feel small”,

“Family is the only one who will never

laugh at your weaknesses” of course they did when you said ‘jhaaz’ instead of jazz.

“Family is the only place where you will get love and respect.” Everyone around you made sure you learnt something new, right from the watchman who

helped you buy tickets at the train station to Radha, who’d always come to your rescue!

“Bahut dino ke baad kisi ne meri itni tareef kari. Thoda chaunk gayi thi bas.”

I think you had us all when you said that, it was as if we don’t appreciate people enough, people close to us that they forget how amazing they are as

individuals. And sometimes, they need to be shaken and told that your presence matters. And the smallest of your efforts, matter. You signed up for a four week class which changed your little world in an

unexplored way.

You’re magnificent and you’ve taught us ways in which we operate in our mundane routines.

I’ll just hug maa after I finish writing this to you.

Happy Women’s Day Shashi, you’re braver than you think.


Anisha and Surbhi

P.S- Did you never consider being with Laurent? A tiny part of me does.

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