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Samudra Manthan: The Elixir of Life

The devas and asuras’ cluster around

like the positives and negatives existing in the universe

Churn the milky ocean

as the serenity of blue changes into a battlefield

For the nectar of immortality

the human always greedy for

Mount Mandara used as a churning rod

Vasuki- the snake, the churning rope

human wishes like the rope

Head held by the asuras’

one end by the troubles

The rear end by the devas

the other end by the pleasures of life

Mandara so heavy couldn’t be lifted alone,

Kurma the turtle came to rescue

Vasuki breathed smoke and blazing fire

The asuras’ energy dwindled

The devas rejoiced

Halahala– the poison came out

distress which never really leaves

The whole world in jeopardy

as the creation would be destroyed

Only Shiva could consume the poisonous drink

Help! Cried the asuras’ and devas

The poison traced its lethal way down

Goddess Parvati held his throat

The throat changed it’s colour

And gave birth to the ‘Neelkantha‘

Shiva’s desire to overcome obstacles,

control of mind leaves me with a sense of power

Tired and impatient after years of labour

‘the fruit of patience is sweet’ they say

Finally the ‘amrit‘ came out

Vishnu disguised as Mohini

Lured the asuras’ with her beauty

like the fascination which deviates you from the essence of life

Lost in the beauty, then decieved

As the devas drank the nectar

divine immortality was here to stay

Defeated the asuras’ and conquered the universe

Life as they say is a mix of both

It’s upto you

How you churn the goodness in you

It’s about balancing both

Only when there’s Sagar Manthan within the soul

The blues of peace and strength emerge

and make you achieve the purpose

For which you’ve been given

the elixir of life.

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