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Since 1987, Wordcraft has encouraged and showcased all kinds of creative writing and expression of the students of Ramjas College, University of Delhi. Until two years ago, the Wordcraft office bearers along with a team of student editors were responsible for putting together the Ramjas College magazine, Anand Parvat. When the material that Wordcraft and its team had put together for the Centennial issue of the College Magazine was not published for administrative reasons, for two years in succession, Afsaane was born. Remarkably, Afsaane worked on a self-financing model and was funded by the students of Wordcraft from their own resources.

The creativity of Wordcraft and the students of Ramjas could never be contained within the bounds of the College Magazine alone. Therefore, there have been many years in which Wordcraft published its own magazine in order to put together, and give a platform to the treasure of talent and creativity within Ramjas. In some years in fact, instead of just one magazine there were 3 broadsheets, or even just smaller versions of broadsheets. Wordcraft students have indeed been extremely innovative in the ways in which they have inspired and published creative expression. 

It is a matter of great pride for us to now take this tradition in a new direction through a medium that is more flexible, versatile and dynamic. We are sure that this will allow the creativity of Wordcraft and the students of  Ramjas to scale greater heights in our efforts to celebrate the sights and sounds of multiple languages.


"The strange, mysterious, perhaps dangerous, perhaps saving comfort that there is in writing: it is a leap out of murderers' row; it is a seeing of what is really taking place."

~ Franz Kafka

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