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An Ode to The Local Train

Updated: Mar 27, 2021

A seemingly insignificant thing at a time when everything was new and uncertain panned out leaving a huge impact : a new genre of music. (It's the little things that matter, anyway.)

Every flavour of the entangled memories is fixated upon a particular song, which I cannot help but miss.

Here goes -

Relishing over Dil Mere in a crippled college bench with your best friend on a chilly winter morning and dreaming about buying adjacent flats in NYC and having snowball fights in central park.


The same roads in North Campus you took to get to college while listening to Aaftaab, had something new to tell everyday, and the ten minutes walk from PG to College didn't seem so mundane after all.


The humdrum of metros and goofing around in the cacophony of the city with the newly found adrenaline rush while savouring those tunes of Aaoge Tum Kabhi.


The moon you threw a gander upon out of your teeny PG room's window when you missed home and cried over the lyrics of Khudi.


Jamming to the melodies of Choo Lo and feeling 'alive', as the wind caressed your hair and your eyes gleamed in the setting sun when you lay in damp grass of VC lawns, making funny faces with your friends, not realising it'll be a long while until you see those faces again.


The songs you would listen to and miss home, are the ones you listen to now at home, and miss the not-so-new place.


Manassvi B. Jain

An aficionado of art and a learner by heart. Invariably capturing pretty skies and starry nights. With a playlist full of Indie music and a gallery full of memes, she finds joy in the littlest things in life.

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Anisha Bhargava
Anisha Bhargava
Mar 20, 2021

Heartwarming! ❤️



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