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Held captive amidst this chaos,

caught in the crossfire I stand,

between me and me,

doomed to choose one.

Tough luck, I suppose,

for these sides are nothing,

but contrary emotions,

caught in sharp polarities,

some in the bliss of ignorance,

others stuck in frenzy of harsh realities.

Seems like lost innocence,

for now, I cannot unknow,

these ulterior revelations,

revealing shades of humanity,

sadly, just dark enough, for me,

to snatch my sanity.

For in this captivity,

I no longer know who I am,

who I should be,

who I want to be (?)


Ikjyot Gujral

Ikjyot is an easy going individual and carries a smile most of the time. He's a free spirit and thinks deeply. Never shy to engage in an incoming conversation, one can get to know him fairly easily. He likes to keep things simple. Gradually one may well realize, he's much more than what meets the eye, uncovering his mysterious side. Romantic and unpredictable (maybe?).

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