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Die with me.

I saw your growing lust for

thousands of lives,

I concealed in me.

I saw you poison my water,

my air, my soil.

I saw the souls in me cry,

turn black and white,

my butterflies going behind

someone's hair.

I rained and rained

till I found peace

till I saw my beings cherish,

but my tears dried up.

I saw u strip my greens

turn me naked,

locking the lives in me,

serving them in plates.

I felt you kissing me,

sucking in my soul

and giving out toxicants.

I watched you, helplessly,

building your fortune on me

ignoring me like a lover.

I saw you replace,

my vines with cables,

my birds with drones,

my streams with drainages.

And now you watch me,

inhaling the fake love in my air,

swimming through the ocean of your lies,

close my eyes, slowly,

and you dying with me.


Lekhsmi Bency

Someone who oscillates between the fantasies of the real world and the realities of the fantasy world.

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